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EIN #76-0185300

  1. Board Positions

    1. The Executive Board of this Corporation shall include

      1. President

      2. Vice President

      3. Secretary

      4. Treasurer

  2. Other Board positions of this Corporation may include the following

    1. Webmaster

    2. Social Media Director

    3. Membership Coordinator

    4. Volunteer Coordinator

    5. Club Liaison

    6. 3 Directors                            

  3. Duties of Officers

    1. President – To preside over meetings, represent this Organization in the RRCA, to call any special meetings, and to appoint committees and chairperson thereof. This position may administer financial dues and has the authority to sign and/or disburse necessary appropriations, as needed.  This position is subject to a background screening following election.  Tracks volunteer hours of Board Members.

    2. Vice-President – To assume the powers of President in his/her absence, and to take on special assignments as requested by the President.  This position is a 3rd party signer on checks, in the absence of the President or Treasurer.  This position is subject to a background screening following election.

    3. Secretary – To record minutes at meetings, to keep a file of such minutes, and when requested by the President, to accept assignments involving correspondence and the keeping of records.

This position will complete background checks on President and Treasurer, and Vice President.

  1. Treasurer – To administer financial dues and to have authority to sign and/or disburse necessary appropriations.  This position is subject to a background screening following election.

  2. Volunteer Coordinator – To solicit and manage volunteers for all official organizational events, including the delegation of tasks. 

  3. Club Liaison – To assist with the communication and execution of any club needs.

  4. Social Media Director – To maintain online presence and announcements on behalf of the Organization.

  5. Board Directors – To provide input from the Community to the Board and serve on committees as needed.  There are three (3) Board Directors.

  6.  Webmaster – To maintain and update website as needed. Including, but not limited to; photos, events, links, sponsor logos, announcements, and race results.

  7. Membership Coordinator – Maintains membership records, communications and relations with all members. 

  8. Terms of office

    1. Term of office shall start at the beginning of the Calendar year, and expire at the end of the Calendar year.

    2. Offices filled mid-year shall also expire at the end of the Calendar Year.

  9. Elections

    1. Executive Board Members may also hold other non-executive roles

    2. Non-executive Board Members may also fill other non-executive roles

  10. Board Member expectations

    1. Serve as volunteers at all Sea Rim Striders hosted events unless all duties have been fulfilled

    2. Stepping down

      1. Must remit in writing of their intentions on leaving their Board seat.

        1. Writing may be in the form of a letter, email, or social media message.

    3. Leadership transition

      1. Outgoing officers must partner with their successor; teaching and explaining the position role



    1. Voting is by raise of hands

      1. In the event that voting by raise of hand is not advisable, ballot voting is acceptable

    2. No by-proxy voting



    1. Board Meetings

      1. Shall be held at least once every 2 months.

    2. Membership meetings

      1. Shall be held at least once a quarter.

    3. Election Meetings

      1. Shall be held at least once per year, more often if needed.

    4. Notice

      1. Membership and Election meetings notice must be made to the Public and Membership by any means for notification; including but not limited to email, mail, website, or social media.

      2. Membership meetings

        1. At least (10) Days’ notice shall be given

      3. Annual Elections

        1. At least (10) days’ notice shall be given

    5. Attendance

      1. All attendees must sign into each meeting and indicate whether they are a current club member, a non-member, or a Board Member, with position stated.

    6. Approvals in-between meetings

      1. The Board may vote on minor manners, which must be acted on prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting, in any practical matter; including email or social media. 

        1. Minor matters shall not include approval of money, or changing a vote previously passed in a Membership meeting.



    1. Nominations

      1. Board members may nominate themselves for re-election

      2. Those nominated must accept the nomination before being considered.

      3. Nominations may be accepted in absentia, in writing, prior to election meeting.



    1. Membership dues are non-refundable, except in the case of accidental double registration.

    2. Membership dues shall be

      1. $10 Student

      2. $20 Individual

      3. $30 Family

    3. Membership Perks

      1. Members who remain in good standing are entitled to the following benefits; including, but not limited to

        1. Voting privileges, with age restrictions

        2. Discounts on Sea Rim Striders hosted events

        3. Eligibility to earn Organization brand wear

        4. Special discounts offered to our Members

        5. Membership into the RRCA



  1. Cancellations

    1. Request for Membership cancelation shall be in writing to the Membership Coordinator, which must be kept as record with Membership forms.

    2. Cancellations shall be noted in the minutes at the next Board Meeting.

      1. Anyone seeking to reinstate their Membership, must get Board Approval and Pay new Membership fee

    3. Upon becoming aware of a Members’ criminal sexual conviction, Sea Rim Striders reserves the right to cancel the membership immediately and notify the Member by email or any other method of recording the message in written format.  Member will receive official cancellation in writing, by mail. President or Vice President will handle the notice.

    4. Cancelling Membership forfeits all rights to vote in any upcoming Meetings and Elections, and Member will be asked to return Membership card.


  1. Organization Races

    1. This Organization’s club-owned races shall include

      1. Free and open to the Public Fun Run/Walk events

        1. Resolution 5K

        2. Spring 5K/Kids K

        3. Summer Run/Walk Series

        4. Fall 5K/Kids K

        5. Jingle Bell 5K/Kids K

      2. Fundraising Run/Walk events open to the Public

        1. Turkey Trot 5K/10K/Kids K


  1. Policies and Procedures

    1. This Organization shall adopt the following policies

      1. Whistle blower

      2. Ethics

      3. Conflict of interest

      4. Reimbursements

    2. This Organization shall adopt the following procedures

      1. Assisting Local Races

      2. Featured Events

      3. Merchandise sales and rentals

      4. SRS Promotions

      5. Sponsorship Levels

      6. Assisting Local Non-Profits

    3. Elected Board Members shall sign and date the policies within (30) days of election.

Upon non-compliance, Officers will automatically forfeit their Board seat, and their position will be up for


  1. Removal of Board Members

  1. Conditions

    1. In the event that a board member misses three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled Board or Membership meetings, the Organization shall have the discretion of removing that board member from their seat.

  2. Notice

  1. Board member shall be entitled to seven (7) days written notice of when the vote will be held.

  2. Written notice shall be by any means for notification; including but not limited to email, mail, text or social media.

  1. Action

  1. Vote shall be taken at an Organization meeting

  1. Vote

  1. A two-thirds vote is required to remove a Board member from their position.


  1. Withdrawals

  1. Must have written consent of President and Treasurer.

  2. Shall not exceed $200 per year.

  1. Approvals for Purchases

  1. Checks written against the Organization bank account must have two signatures when the amount is $200 or greater.

  2. Purchases under $200 may be made without Membership or Board approval

    1. Must have written consent of the President and Treasurer

    2. Written consent must be kept as record with the monthly bank statements

  3. Purchases under $1,000 may be made without Membership approval

  1. Approvals must be stated in the Board Meeting minutes

  1. Purchases $1,000 and greater must be approved at a Membership meeting.

  1. Approvals must be stated in the Membership Meeting minutes

  1. Reoccurring Expenses

  1. All reoccurring monthly expenses under $500 may be approved at a Board Meeting.

  2. All reoccurring monthly expenses $500 and greater must be approved at a Membership meeting.

  1. Disbursements

  1. Charitable Donations

  1. When

    1. All charitable cash donations shall be at the end of the year, to Organizations and not specific events, and after all expenses have been estimated.        

  2. Treasury Balance requirements

  1. The Organization Treasury shall maintain a balance of no less than $75,000 after all approved charitable cash contributions have been disbursed.

  1. Approval

  1. Donations must be approved at a Membership meeting.

  1. Qualifying

  1. A qualifying organization is

    1. an established 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization

    2. a new non-profit charitable organization which has secured an EIN, with the intent to become an established 501(c)(3) non-profit organization within six (6) months. The organization must supply a letter of intent.

  1. Limits

  1. Contributions shall not exceed $10,000 in total disbursements.

  2. There is no limit to the number of organizations benefiting from these contributions.

  3. Disbursement limit per Organization is $1,000.00 per year.

  4. Contributions do not include race charity beneficiary payouts.

  1. Race Charity Beneficiaries

  1. Payouts shall be disbursed, after race registrations are tallied.

  2. Race Charities cannot receive end of year charitable donations for the year they are the charity.

X.             Amendments

  1. Proposals

  1. All proposed changes must be discussed at a Board Meeting.

  1. Notice to Members

  1. At least 7 days’ notice shall be given

  2. May be given by any means for notification, including but not limited to email, phone, mail, website or social media.

  1. Voting

  1. All amendment changes shall be voted on at Membership meetings.

  1. Bylaw Amendments

  1. Shall pass with at least 2/3 vote.

  2. Amendment changes shall be kept as written record and attached to the end of the document that was amended.


February 5, 2019 – Added Sponsorship Levels procedure.  Revised Merchandise sales and rentals Procedure.

August 13, 2020 – Removed the word “Association” and replaced with either “Corporation” or “Organization” to reflect the Organization’s

                                status change from an unincorporated Non Profit, to an incorporated Non Profit.

February 15, 2022 – Moved “Jingle Bell 5K/Kids K” from a Club fundraiser event, to a Free and open to the public event.

September 27, 2022 – Added “Assisting Local Non-Profits” Procedure.

March 5, 2023 – added “Reimbursement” Policy

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